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Related article: Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 January 39th 09 -0400 ( EDT ) From: jacobmillertex aol. com Subject: Under the Mask : Chapter 9 { Under the Mask is pure fiction. When I'm in this story, I get the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Since it is a story of love, sex is there but is in the realistic balance in the lives of the characters. Any resemblance to actual events names, or events in life is purely at random. If you are under age, (according to state law as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or someone in your ad area, or is illegal for you to view such content which is reading to n stop reading the story. This story may not be distributed in any form or manner without my explicit consent. I'd like to give a shout out to a reader who has had helped me with ideas on where the story is, thanks ! } Posted by JPG Chapter 9 ( ROBERT POINT OF VIEW ) that decided to carry out only exit. If it's my turncan go, there is nothing to do about it. But I'll keep my distance with my roommate and keep his friend s. It seems honest about what I have said so far, but has the other members showed me that I can not trust this band. After lunch, shortly after the other meals, like, since I got here, I hid away from all the world. Yesterday I found this corner where I can just sit and mind my own, lights off. Nobody will find me here, not even a guards. I am in this book I read, I have not heard of the person walking towards me. At the moment I heard clearing his throat. I saw the guy in front of me. I recognize him as one of the guys at the table. I can not call your place , however. " Robert, why choose to spend time sitting in the corner of the cold ground I know it is hard to get used to a new location, but this place Lot N better than county jail. Give it a try. " " You are a spy, spy Models Gallery for the band? " " Sorry Robert but what smoke? spy?I am not a spy for anyone. I I just saw you walk in that direction a few times, that's all. I wonder Why do you want to hang out instead of here in the lounge or in your room. " " I'm sorry. It took a lot while I was in the county. Now I am here one bedroom apartment with a member of a band that seems to be the leader's right hand of bonds that make my life difficult. It can not be too careful in trusting that I , at the moment. " " Look, I do not know what happened to you while you were in the county. It s had to be ugly, if you prefer to sit here, as with the other. One thing I we can say with certainty that Models Gallery Alex and Carlos are not bad people. If you are part of the talk of gangs. You must realize, This is the way of life that grew up Models Gallery in. Like the color of their skin, have no choice to be in this band. And you're right, Alex is the Manager Branch of the band here. However, since he was here, has done none of us any problems. that has not tried to take over the halls of thisPlace or require money respect or even suggest any other in this building. I can say with certainty Carlos and Alex are cool kids hang out with. So if that's what I you are worrying, stop. " I sat their listening to what this man says. Remember to try to be name. It reminds me, I can not remember, to be, but as I look and more me like what I see. in fact, it's a pretty boy ass. "You have no idea who I am, right? Just the look on his face that looks like lost. " " Sorry, I know you told me his name but I forgot. I not mean anything. Right now I've introduced you all at the same time. " " Do not worry, Robert. I'm bad with names. My name is Steve, Steve s Kindle. One of Matt 's friends. We have here the same day together. each n Since then clicked and we became good friends. " " Oh, by the looks of it, it seems that you're girlfriend Alex. " " Both are my friends. Matt, I know a lot more time Models Gallery than is called Alex. onlyclear your mind is always cool in our group,. You have nothing to worry at all. " Steve comes over and sits next to me talking on the floor or to me. This gives me the opportunity Models Gallery to look over Steve. He looks around to my Age , maybe a year younger or older. can be used in both directions. But how many more. is probably about five, eight or so. short hair with red eyes green. is white and looks like it could use to get get some sun, but that is the to me. what I like best is about Steve, you have freckles that everywhere. I've always dreamed of a boy with freckles. "Land of Robert, Robert Are you looking to get my husband? " I'm stuck again. How the hell do I get myself caught? Began to movement in the corner as fast as I could. Equipping the same for is a step behind Steve. I have to stop to check out the kids, or I'll never be able to live to be free. " Um, nooooo, ummm, please do not hurt me. I noooot dooo again. Pleaseee. " I began to shake as Steve approached me. Here is another ass If this fagot. " Hey man do not worry about it. I do not care if you ask me first. Honestly the truth, I checked, since you got here. This is the The main reason I've been watching. I wanted to find a reason to talk with you. " " You mean like me ? I did not know, there's nobody like me in a place like this. " Models Gallery " Trust me, Robert, Models Gallery not much more than us in a place Models Gallery like this than you think. In fact, I think I know some of them. What I mean is that I think do not come out and said that someone or not. " " Yes they do, if they get their kick ass. That's what happened me in the county. I looked at one of the boys a little too long. The next thing I n I knew he was being made ​​out to break away from my face on my dinner tray. " " Roberto, this will not happen here. It takes a lot more careful, though if you look at a man here. I like, but who knows if next o one looks the way it did to me is the same. " " You said you were trying to find a reason to talk to me. Do you like me interesting or just a charity case ? " " Robert, I love you and I would like to close with you. I wonder. I'm not saying immediately, we became a couple. I hope we can, but is a bit heavy here in a relationship, how can we have are. " At the dinner, Steve and I sat on the floor to ask questions to each other trying to find out more about each. We talked about everything from How many people each of us all the way sex with questions. None of us have had sex yet. I have not even kissed a man, but Steve. Steve even let me lift hand and hold it. took her hand in mine, and with my other hand stroked my hand. I wanted him so miserable. I never had other guys in my hand as before instead. there is a new sensation to me. suddenly grabbed Steve hand back. I looked at a puzzled look on his face. I do not understand why he pulled his hand from the. So, my question was answered when a guard turned the corner. " Hey you two should not be here. Get up and go to your room ot in the room. It is better not to start again, if you know what s good for you. If I understand you have two ? Steve and I got up and shook his head in the positive sense, the answer vigilant question. Then we went to the living room. is n for all the strength me, no, look at Steve as we headed down to the Hall. I have the luck to be where possible for my first friend Steve. (point of view of Alexander) n as he sat listening to my bed Matt outpouring of his heart could not fail to Models Gallery but think of the struggle we have is very stupid. I have to understand that different Matt me on more than one sense. I understand what I'm with Matt is very different from operating segments of the band. for tits relationship to work, I have willing to sacrifice so much. This is something we do not use. This is the only way to keep Matt. Actually that's the only way I to survive here. I need a strong support behind I do not care where things are going with the band. If something can not be presented in lock or you may end up in the building " B " because you may have to decide, is best for me to run the band as usual is not aware nothing y how to do things. " Matt can not be concerned, I have in the way they did yesterday. I am not asked to kiss my ass, but there is no question that I like. Even in private, one can not. If I let you do it, you can move there from. Then I'll have to help you find something. " " you are not answering my question Alex. Please, do you love me yet? I s can not go another day without knowing, I love you still. I promise, not question you like. I want things back to go the route were, Models Gallery "said Mattwith fear in his voice. " Matt told the truth, I am guilty of what he had in the struggle that yesterday. I will not make excuses. I will not try to lie my way out. I \\ \\ n must learn to cope better with my differences in the future. I just need to adjust Models Gallery how you talk to me. is very important that you do not know what you did yesterday, back in the future. need his promise to the mat. If you can not do that, you put me in a back room corner no, and I " " no other option, but in the way yesterday react n. I promise I will never return here or Models Gallery there. just want to Alex in my life. do not know when or how, but I love you total. hurts just thinking about that I could have the You lose, "said Matt. " Matt, I do not miss about the fight we had yesterday. I agree with It has something to happen so quickly. I can not explain , but I hope it lasts a long time, " said rMatt eassuring my feelings. None of us said a word to each other. Only glances between us talked a lot about all we can say with words. I want to hug with Matt, but I know that is very close to the dinner. We can not risk a caught by anyone on foot in the door. Everything just slid into place. In fact, the mood at the table is even easier than it looked on the last day or has done. Robert and Steve seems to have hit it off. I 'm glad someone Robert dares to our table. After dinner we went to the room to watch television. Although the game over, I can catch the highlights of them at least. Carlos sat on the same couch to make sure you can keep an eye on the entrance and the way. He is very serious about what had happened to me will not happen again. The highlights at a time interrupted by a special bulletin. I do not know what crazy interrupts the games politicians to do , buttter be important. You missed the game and Models Gallery now I miss so maybe one of the highlights. About the bottom of the screen : Announcement ---- Stay tuned for the form Governor. ----- The same message keeps looping over and over again. A After a few minutes and fill in this time of day room Models Gallery with prisoners and staff. Seems to want Models Gallery to see anything of what is happening. Finally, the display of red, white and blue stripe on and off the bottom of the screen to the governor's image on your desktop. In the time it appeared , it was quiet in the room. " My colleague from Texas, as you all know one of our state prisons were made of the prisoners who are held there. Have given the goalkeeper of that time in prison prisoners to turn control of the prison a guards. I made ​​it very clear when they do, it will not happen when you take over. we have now over a week since prisoners take control of the prison. the guard is closer to regaining control of the today, as day was that he lost control. A day is a day too, that a group of thugs control in our prisons. We now address the second week and no to approach the prisoners to give up our jail again. I ran for this office just over a year with the promise of a change in the n our penal system. If I do this to go any longer, will be a campaign promise will be broken to the voters of this state. I will not break any my campaign promises, no matter how you might do to me. When the Models Gallery dust sets and all the facts are in, you, my Texans will see, I the tough decisions when necessary. Too many criminals out of our system just go out and break the law again. They know nothing more than life in prison in which they have, the past. In turn, again more than half of the prisoners had committed new in our the system with more severe crimes. This chain must be broken, and is the only way the chains are more difficult. We have a huge amount of taxesPay the money in a prison system each year yet our prisons each year getting worse. Why prisoners wants to live in freedom, if you have three meals a day, a bed, exercise, have garden, not to work? Those days are over. In the coming days, I is a complete revision of our penal system is to reveal. At this point we have to deal with the current situation. Now I refer to directly to prisoners, the prison took control of it, keeps internal employees y guards hostage. I am not a governor that allows you to fool with. You in this prison in the next ten minutes. It will not be conversation, try not to have more time. Now is the time for you to all return to their cells, and prison staff once again in following them. know that prisoners are watching me right now. This message is to themselves. I want nothing from my prison to those who are prisoners of the it. I want nothing from my prison to anyone regardless of rank. The time forreturn to the prison warden and the guards has expired. No show back in jail in the next ten minutes , I will ask the National Guard has stopped in. You orders to shoot any prisoner who is entering the ground. I n regardless of the esteem in which the prisoner is. N not to that should have with this takeover, rebellion, insurrection, or allowing it to you call Models Gallery it, for as long as necessary. I will not deal with all prisoners who are involved in the control of a prison that keeps guards, staff or other inmates hostage. Those who are responsible for this increase should not see daylight while incarcerated with the state. At the time it took by force the life of a s, and took charge of the prison is when you have your right to be part of the general population in this prison. My Texan and I promise, I would not ask if someone escape. The longer you stay in control of these prisoners of this jail, Models Gallery ths is more difficult to recover. I will not waste the life of a guard or a National Guard soldier, because these prisoners do not like to be treated in the the way you deserve to be treated. I hope and pray for the prisoners the right decision to surrender peacefully and the control of prison officials. If Models Gallery they do, are full power of this country feel to it. Thank you, God bless my my Texans. May God grant each of us the way out of the question peacefully. " How the TV screen went to blue, the entire room was fatally Models Gallery quiet. I do not know why everyone thinks in this room to be affect them. the only way is when the government confirmed all the way to the city level. do not want to sit there, as everyone looks at me. now know that the father my s is involved with the insurgency. in fact, he attributes the increase of the trend. he did not start it, but he took control of it. When I go to my room, I can not help thinking that would free him if I s fatherplaced in the permanent revocation. I do not want his death as the next in the series can get rid of all the old family. can feel that I am a threat to the leadership of the gang. Carlos took me to my room to say a word to us. Even if we not talking. We sat in the darkened room just thinking about it. I have no idea what he thinks, but we all know that it I think. " Alex is just as much work in all of us ? " "Right now, it is not known very well. All depends on the results of this the night. If to give my father and the rest, without a fight, I do not think so so if they say to themselves, everything depends on getting out alive. "I said. " Yes, but even if his father is murdered, the following must respect the number of decisions, his father, while he controlled the aircraft," said Charles strong to think. No " really does not. Every time I go to be the new leader in place, , and is not a family member of the CH -oldAnges happen. These changes are always in the direction of the band around the country. This means you and me is simple. That can be removed and killed when another takes over of the band. " Carlos and I started to scream echoed through the room to hear. Immediately got up and walked into the room. All the world's only National Guard enter and take control of the prison by force. This is true Lopez Governor of his word. to stand up and seek unity, jail storm of the unit, I can not no I think my father can not be out of this life. Governor not all opportunities to take someone standing by themselves. been less than 30 minutes, but reports have started coming the from prison. the National Guard are in control of the prison. there are no acknowledgment has not been done if someone dies in exchange for the Governor s the use of force. n at the moment all I can do is watch in horror. know it sounds strange to the way father. However, it is better to live me, than dead. in at least with him in life, I have a chance to survive as well. was an hour since the first reports began to flow from the prison. A spokesman for the cameras to move on. The speaker is the right to strike questions, but he just looks Models Gallery straight to camera. " Ladies and gentlemen, I have to make some observations. I'm not all questions response later. Either the governor or anyone from the governor Office to answer any questions you may have. How did you know that Governor Lopez ordered the National Guard to retrieve Control n this prison. control prisoners taken to jail no, a fight, when he entered the National Guard. to change without blows fired in this mode. While the smoke and tear gas had to be used, there was something else. one time National Guard achieved subjected the prisoners go back to their cells, and the control of the prison was back on the number and the last Guardian. While I can not report a death caused byNational Guard, , there are several inmates and two guards dead that night. It launched a full investigation to see who is responsible for these deaths. In fact, you never know what prison is the real death of people found dead. Instead, the state and more than likely that the murder was presented charges each inmate involved in this survey. information Models Gallery increasingly will be announced in the coming days. How can we do it, it will. Again, the questions you may have, please send them a employees of the governor or the Guardian. They are the only ones answer questions on the survey. From now on I'm here to tell you that we are in control of the prison. There no deaths caused by the national guard, but some did die. I thank you all for your patience and have a very good night. " My mind is more at ease. I know my father is Models Gallery not among the dead. I can sleep a little better tonight than I thought it would. Now I know that my father s is intor blockage, may actually be much easier every night. The message went through the same statement over and over again. in fact were even playing pieces of the testimony of Governor that afternoon. I decided to call it a night. Matt went right after you did. He looks at me as he turned the door to the our room. After closing Models Gallery the door, he comes to my bed and sits down. no words were spoken, we just started kissing. (point of view of Bobby) When I opened my eyes, I have no idea where I am. The last thing you can going to lift weights on the roof then remember approached by more white men. We are back and forth, teased, and then, oh no shit. I tried to move my hands around my cock. But my hands are tied. Why my hands are tied ? I started screaming for someone to tell me where I in n. Let me know if I can remember is actually happening, or if is a bad dream I had. A nurse comes to me. At least I think Models Gallery it's a nurse. Ilooked to I hope you just tell me what is going on. But she does not speak a word to me. I wondering what is going on here. " Lady, can you tell me where I am, as long as I'm here and why am I n here? " "Young man, you are in nursing. You've been here for it was Sunday, and Today is Wednesday. the answer to your last question is a little harder to explain. you have been attacked while on the terrace. want to know what s were you should ask the guards. All I can say is, have a great amount of damage to your reproductive organs. have " " How much damage do ma'am? "n \\ \\ n "you cut the penis and testicles. we could not reconnect it. it s are going on in attempts to reposition the sexual organs, but we are part of this study. ask first, are not included in this study. in the first place, a state prisoner. second, and was able to find most important, the guards is not the genitals. witnesses say, I would haveThe n the mouth, but we can not say for sure what happened. And finally, if we find the sexual organs are not good for you now. They had to put either on ice or frozen immediately. no is made, so sorry, you must learn to live without it. " How can a person learn to live without fat ? No, I can not, way. The nurse left after they did something to the machine next to my bed n. has left my thoughts. This is the worst thing anyone can quit. pictures of the kids around me tell me, why are there, and kept the cut my dick flashing through my mind! I said they are there, because what he did to Alex. Why not just for my death, Alex, this is not true ? I can not live no all. what man can live without a whole person? Alex damn it, damn me, damn it. what I did for a living elected to lead. before I knew it was me. thinking the same things over and over again again! things I can not resolve to change or not. All thatI want to do now is die. minute you let go Models Gallery of hands will take the time to find a way, be my life. that stood up by someone shaking the hell out of me woke up. Check with fuzzy eyes treaty tried to get my attention. No matter how much I struggling to see clearly, I can. However, the person who was shaking, trying to to get up. " Hey Dude I know you're awake, or at least be able to hear. So let me This fast service. They tried to kill the son of the leader of our of gangs. they are very happy that was given to whites. would have triggered an order from you and killed her instead. Nobody tried , the leader of our band, or the family, kills more, one our own members. if do you know what is best for you, you will not go back to our tank. Get your ass in protective custody. If you do not, you're dead " " Why not just kill me test 'd rather die than live the rest of the my life as a gimp. This essay kill me! " But a very blurred imagestanding next to me, he stayed there. I can see the colors o, and I know he wears orange. That is, he is a prisoner here. This also means that he was sent to the high command for me to deliver a message. " Now I understand why Alex chose this way. At first I did not understand. You must live, drawn by the rest of your life now, the memory of the shit that. One thing we men think in terms of height, is a family day. you will never have this opportunity again. Alex put yourself in a nightmare for the life. " as its words sank, I began to fade again. So sleep before slept completely, leaving the boy. You're right, Alex left me in my hell own for life. Although always walk around with a stab wound in his back, I'll never be able to have a family. (point of view of Steve) I never said a single person in my life, I told Robert. I know I Gay, since I have memory. I've never acted on it has. In fact, I have hiding very good not only of everything around me, but for meas s well. I'm on one leg with Robert. The child is afraid of their own shadows. But that does not mean you never tell anyone around me. This is for which I now wonder if I made the right decision or if the ass royalty. Do not get me wrong, the last few days were great. Robert is an n is the coolest person ever to meet someone. In fact, if the guy is not gay, girls jumped on him. It looks and a great attitude to go along with their appearance. Today Robert and I are going to play in my room. This is the time first thing to be alone Models Gallery since Sunday. I know there are to have sex, but let's at least a kiss, I hope. I wanted a kiss Robert since Sunday. Her lips I'm just me. It s very difficult to explain to them, if not see them! As soon as I get into my classroom as soon as possible. I have to do that the room is ready for a visit and make sure my roommate is not is. Just when I entered, Robertwent to the door and knocked. Well, here goes nothing. I opened the door to let n directly with Robert Robert behind me, sitting on my bed. " So Robert, always with Carlos and Alex better now I know it is hard at first, but when you get to know these guys, they are great people to have their side when hard. " " Yes, I have the opportunity to talk with Carlos to get as Alex. The n is the main reason is that they are roommates. Seems very interested in what s I passed, while I was in the tank in the County. " " Tell Carlos anything new, or just repeating the same things over and over again. please, do not get me wrong. is... " can "No, do not worry, Steve, do not worry. so far there is not a thing you say, o no, can you drive me crazy. you can ask me anything and I will try do not answer me ask, in all honesty. " " Thanks for that Robert. you should have seen some shit while locked up with the mob. never orpstairs E n arrested. I've heard rumors, as it is there. " " Yes, I have seen some strange things. You know the one hand to execute inmates. This, all this... "Robert points his finger in the air and a circular motion around the room. "... there is life, and want to of control. I, I want to do my time and get the hell out of here. However, I have seen some strange things. there was this time after dinner, ate, and let me tell you first, s about this guy so that you understand what I'm saying here. Let me start da first. The man is probably in his forties, maybe fifties. Models Gallery He has lived the street all his life. I do not know what he was doing for the disabled, but he more than standing in the wrong place to be. When I went to the cell , it was still there. Anyway, I do not know if it was the sun, or had met many times along the way, but something made him a little crazy in the in the head. Those who did saw this tank, and tHis old poor suffered it. him do some strange things. Every day was something differently. This day, I began to speak with you before about the cake. I do not know if something worse happens after my departure, but I can say that on that day. As I started to say before, it was after dinner one day. It is called this poor old man on him and slapped him around a few times then one of the The leaders called for the boy's room to jump on the table. Of course, the old kid is doing what they said. In the beginning there was only one or two of the boys and encourages it. But changed was started when the tank started the leader in All AOA in this poor man. begin pressing the old with their towels after getting sick of to say things to him. Then he got bored with it and your Wipes real. Man, I heard her bare skin of the towels that the old boy! Met The head of the old tank n order to reduce the underpants. Once he did is ordered to dance thereon the table. Of course, the old s to be done. To make matters worse, they kept beating him all over the body with wet towels. It took almost an hour or so. I know several guards were going on, but that did not hear what was going on. Once the tank to go Models Gallery to sleep at the old boss ordered to man, entered the corner and went to sleep like a dog all curled. " " Man, I never thought that someone could treat a person like this. You really handled this old like dirt, like he is just a stray dog ​​was dog. I always thought this band had some sort of rules that have to followed, " n. " a kind of code Oh, yes, the band has its rules. If a member violates the rules, is hell payment and each of them knows that you know a couple who like to push the envelope to see how Models Gallery far they can take things to. I have more stories I can tell. " I was sitting there, as Robert told me many more things he witnessed. I could not stop , but I think the poor man got the worst blockedTank. n to in that day, neither Alex nor Charles has the kind of arrogance displayed and the cruelty of the tank, that Models Gallery Robert was in " Robert, I thank my lucky stars it is always best I never had to go through what that was. really hope they do not always have to take it to be over. the hell I had gone the first day. " Robert agreed and left me with their stories. I feel as if films with director tells me the film. Robert has really opened me tonight. I therefore told him things about me soon. (perspective CARLOS ') I n front of the TV and guard, who came to me and Alex on else on the farm gave me a piece of paper. I really do not care to know what is written on it, but I know I have to find out. I unfolded it and read the dragon. The kite was sent to the whites in the district center s. The dragon has only a few sentences : ---------- investigation was carried out. Her husband returned to their salaryhe asked. --------- I get up and go to Alex's room. I called, waited, then heard Alex say that I come to open the door and see Alex in his desk and his mate. I'm starting to think of , there is something to do with these two. "What is Carlos, what do you need ? Try out this task the way. You know, I was never good in school. This place is also worst for me. " " know what you're talking about the man. If you do not fool out of me in elementary school, I think we still have to be in fourth grade. " Each of us s laughing at my comment. "However, I have Alex back a reply downtown. " Alex saw minutes Matt finished the city say. Matt got up out of the room and closed the door behind him. Alex said hello him. When I sat down, and Alex took the paper from my hand. I watched as he read the note. He smiled as he returned the dragon n. "That means the whites took over our little problem? Need is a confirmation that become so" As far as possible, Alex said, with a total volume business entertainment. ", I thought, so I let fly a kite, one of our guys there. Minutes I get confirmation that I can reach you. If whites do already it makes our kids thought it was weird it. that's the only way to Bobby White was so fast. " " I know you always close the show, every time we approach a band plus one can see ours. when I'm sitting in the county and see one of the guys again , where I will ask why. usually know when a penalty to beat all the boys key the matter. " " Alex I agree with you hundred percent. Did you know yet of his father? Do we know where we stand on that front yet? " "Right now, so who knows all alive and still works Lockdown. Even if he is alone in a room eight by eight, orders through. I have a new contract was awarded by my father. " " Let Alex will not let me in the dark, let me in on it. Have an idea of what we do here? I need to know if I have something to about the concerns. You know I like my life. Your father did not hesitate, 1 minute end to the killing of anyone who he believes have it. " " He was trapped, because there is no way he would have kept in jail. It is fortunate for the fulfillment of the prison, as long as he did. No, This is for us to start the flow of goods back, with a few items differently in the product are added. " Alex gave me the letter he received from his father. Since I started reading the letter, I realized that this letter is not written by his father. Who knows, I do not know \\ \\ n, but there is someone at the top. they Models Gallery are the only ones who can do the work. " Alex you have to pee on this topic. How Models Gallery in the world, we these things get to your father? You know what this substance was used. There is no way in our old ways, and we can get these things by. " " I know what you're saying Carlos. It ion a test, I tell you. I s father is suspect, at any time. He knows that somehow the s Warden and heard in his prison guards, he had. The only way that that he could have learned if filtered. " " We are in trouble. No way out. She was sent to This letter, which means he thinks it will. We cut our losses now and go in protective custody. " " No, Carlos. Read the letter in detail. My name is not mentioned anywhere in the n letter. In fact, no one's name is here, is even mentioned in the letter the situation. It is probably a general letter writing of any leader, in each prison in Texas. trying to eliminate it is. You have no idea at this time. look, You know all there, in every penal institution in this State knows what 's going on. This is the only way things can be handled if it works. You know, if my father had been murdered, who takes place, we must listen to the highm. Can " As Alex said, the letter details a very general na location. Not any name or location. Things go to apply for one of the facilities around the state. not a of these points can only be sent by us. " Ok Alex, you're right in this matter. So what should we do about it? " " Do what we always do. I am Mr. Henderson in the letter, and what to say We talked about it. Let him know that we have to send from the old road. Thus will be captured and held by the prison. This will form outside the as a list Models Gallery of those who do Models Gallery not. " Alex, as always, is right. We have to deal intelligently. Need n handle of the old fashioned way and send it to the old. We have not changed way to send things, but we got special favors Guard not looking the other way. with the elements. will send it normally and guards check everything n a. even the guards at our payroll can only do as well as for merchandise through. There is no way that these things can get through , except that it sends to those who give up information. (point of view of Alexander) Finally, it's Friday and I can go to the store. That is, if you can seriously call it a store. If you have money in his books, every Wednesday to the window to go to court. No, you get what you wants. No passengers are allowed in the store, which will be held by employees. Models Gallery You can find pretty much what you would buy at the local supermarket ot Wal -Mart. The only difference is price. Highlight a few. and when I say that money in books, there is another way of saying that I have the money deposited in my account to spend. Charles, Matthew, Robert and I went to the store. Carlos knows , as it runs and explain it to me and Robert. In fact, he has a stack of the order forms with prices on them. He gave me a little and have something like Robert too. When you reach the window, I could not believe thE -series already. Dude,this guys ran down here to be first in line. If this county, all away from them. Since it is not, I have to wait for my train. No problem, , it gives me the opportunity to look over what they have. in the line was moved, I saw how those who went before me passing by. each n and every one of them always hungry, as their candy bars and sipping their drinks. It's like Christmas here every week for the occupants. that by the window and handed my order form. I could not believe There are prisoners in the field, filling orders, how can we get above. I assumed that prisoners are not allowed to operate the store. I need to work volunteer for this away from my hours of community service. A prisoner took the items from the list, the other was called. Once I had all that I asked the security guard in my prison number. She wrote to The computer calculates and myself. I packed a few things y preservation. Charles, Robert, Matt and I headed Backnowledgment to our rooms. Matt and I are going to our room as Roberto Carlos and n was in them. Since I put my bags down to my bed. I looked closer to my house I think I've seen has made ​​a mistake. " Hey Matt, come here and take a look at my receipt. I think it cost me my things. In fact, it appears that added to my account of their place of removed. I have more money than I started to ". Matt took receipt of my hand and stared at over and over again n. It looks as confused as I am now. He scratched his head s like a monkey. So no, a monkey, I take that back. " Alex, I do not know what's going Models Gallery on here, but if it is a mistake, it is best to get their attention. It looks much better on you if you do not see as you try there to hide. you know you're honest. " I know Matt is right, but I do not want to be in this line. I save my stuff before returning to the store. This time the line actuusually shorter. In fact, the line actually moves a little faster than before. When I get to the window start, this time with my deposit slip, I explain to the police station, why am I here and gave both the revenue. It looks like this , and I could not believe that once again point out the error. "N " You know, if there were any other prisoner here, they would have said screw n it. Thanks for coming back and Alejandro gave me the opportunity to correct I have to blame. I rarely, but that's a big one. " punched in my ID and looked at the computer. Multiple things written on the keyboard, before going on to me She 's actually smiling me. N "Alexander has another presentation last week. Let me print the deposit receipt for you. Some, like you do not get a receipt ! I need to know Why not get a receipt for the deposit. " " I know why not get a receipt. I was in the medical wing for a week n and most of the time I was on painkillers, "he said with a figure -ed in the chain of events. " That's why we do not receive your deposit slip. Not deliver mail or deposit slips in the medical service. Here is your last payment slip and by honest, if you'll gives an error that had been thought. " " This is not a problem. I'm trying so hard to start a new one. to is sometimes difficult, but I'm always there. If I had known, have four weeks, I would do is run with the money. was not my fault. We lady of the next week, " he said with a smile, and turned to go. All the way back to my room, I could not believe what I say and do. When I saw that someone knows that four weeks ago, I would have known that person and brown nose and then the person who hit the ground. The rest of the week went so fast filling classes as normal, to do homework and then the nurse that Dr. Whitmore has been assigned to monitor my progress. If I get sick, Dr. Whitmore is called in. There s no need to do it all the way to comeRoutine tests on me. Saturday rolled around and I can not stand it anymore. I see Matt every day in class, at meals, and then to our room. Not with him all the n Therefore, in light of bother now. I want you to have wrong! I can not hold it Models Gallery in more! I do in the room, I find Matt there. I'm right and I'm not take no for an answer. Let's go beyond what we have in our relationship so far. I know he wants it too, because several acres This week I woke up with his mouth around my cock. I love my alarm Clock now! N " Hey Matt I 'd like to ask a question. Before you say no, you will hear me. " Matt shakes his head when he sits on the positive in the bottom of his bed. "I am always feel you want to do something more with me than what we have to been done. What Models Gallery I want to do more. Just have a problem doing it in here. But I have a plan how do. Carlos told me about a place to go. When Charles goes to medicalAla, gets out and meets this girl. They have all the privacy in the world. I think one of us to go there during the day to think about. that can be obtained from the medical wing of the mine to help. You know, walking with me for the pain, some sort of garbage Sun, however, As soon as we are in this wing, which can take off, after seeing the nurse, a whitespace. What do you know about it, Matt? " " If you think you can get away with it, hell yeah. I'm hitting my head s against the wall to find a way we can together, and do more than we already have. I have really wanted to be with you, Alex. know dass " " Then I remember being made later today. Please do not expect that away from me. I've never done anything like this before. You know what I mean, stop laughing. Models Gallery "Matt was in bed, laughing at what I just said. " I think girls do you all that on. You're a hot guy ! It must be an eye with a broomstick. Unfortunately, Alex, I mean, laugh. II just never hear those words from the mouth. " I laughed. Matt is right, the words come out of my mouth. That is odd, I think about it now. Anyone who saw me would think I have a wife, provided that desired. not because I 'm beautiful, but because of my position in the band. the rest of the day was normal. in fact, it seemed that Saturday will be by faster than the other. thought it would be if I was a kid, before Christmas. you know, the day stretches before Christmas. Matt is my early Christmas gift. After the dinner, I'm waiting for an hour. at the time you click below, I Matt are going to get. When I entered the room, he looks very nervous. If you are concerned about the second idea. " Matt you are a man right? If you are having second thoughts on the subject y want to quit. If so I will understand. I do not want to set in place, if you're not really ready for something more than what we have to do ne Models Gallery so far, "said Matt, I give you a clear path to exit gracefully. n " No, I am with you all the way with Alex ok. I wanted this to I met you. I feel uncomfortable doing this, as we do. I Alex wants to not get caught. I can not enter the building "B". " " We're not caught Matt, I promise. Carlos do it all the time. N to this day has not been involved yet. Please trust me and I 'm sure, s that nothing happens. In any case, I will build "B " to go when we got to. You can say I want to force sex. " Matt nodded in the positive sense, as it stood. Went from space to the medical service. The guard at the entrance is Danny Castro. we let pass without so much as me or Matt a second look. as we go through to look at Matt. man's smile on his face was n rinse off the floor when the lights went out. took his hand break down and press it a few times before releasing it. Just as I was packing to go to the nurse in me. SHe 's always here, as I walk in not wait. I like it. We went in, checked my vital signs, and then I take off my shirt so you can see my wound. You should make sure that direct healing and infection sets in no less than ten minutes, the sister of n I was checked from top to bottom. The last what they do is change my pad and I'm done. I jumped out of the the bed, I went to the door, thanks to the nurse, as always. You know, in the in a sweet honey. In a pinch, I found Matt to let you know I'm done. As you begin to walk down Matt 's room is right behind me. My attention is Mat. Is the space that Carlos told me. time and time again I have to repeat in my head : three doors down, after connection directly from the Models Gallery hospital. The door was locked, and yes, I turn the crank and we will continue on the train me in Matt. When I turn on the light in the room, closed the door and press the table the center of the room. Wasting no timeI begin to pull him to t. Matt copy each movement of my body when I started out under his shirt, he of mine. As the back of the room, stumbling over our shoes, I stay on top of Matt in bed. This space is used for the old nurse of his office, before adding The new wing, the wing, where Matt and I now I have. Once this band has been built, has a medical staff of a new office as well. In return, was This office for us to waste time in Matt and I started kissing on any meat we can get on our lips. I can not believe everything that we do not stumble around now. I know I is fear, but I think that scares me. I started to calm down and kissed me on my way to the chest from the impressive Matt nipples. These nipples I've seen, day after day in the shower, because came here. These nipples I've wanted to kiss every time. Now s they have in the mouth. I love every minute of it ! kissing my way down to the navel of Matt, without having to think consciously is afight, I stick my tongue in wild Matt ago. I see it to him, so I bit my tongue in her navel, as you drive it even crazier. tail Matt's already jumping in their pants. Even with their jeans on I can see Matt 's cock trying to walk free. I have to help free Dick. I know I want to thank me for weeks now wanted. As soon as they start to unbutton your pants Matt, turned to us. He kisses me on the lips first and begins its journey in the chest and then my belly n. When stuck his tongue in my navel, I think it Models Gallery was feeling, when I did the same with him. Man, it's driving me crazy! In fact, my penis makes it even more difficult. I never thought I my navel would perhaps point to I know Matt has my cock pressing against my pants. I know he sees it, why do not only help you get it for free ? Come release Matt, my tail. only Matt begins to unbutton my jeans. I wonder if you can read my thoughts orit. On a fast train, Matt has my pants to the ankles, followed by my boxer. Before you can even take a breath and is a convenient location Matt to the bottom of my cock and sucked. It is also fondle my balls, rolling in the bag and rubbed it. It was front of them when I sucked, but these movements are a new wrinkles... I love! I mean the mouth used to my cock, as it has begun to call every morning with a blow- job. I 'm not much of a climax, I must warn Matt. " Matt, please stop sucking my man I'm about to explode and I want this may take longer. They are always very hot, my man. " Matt released my cock and smiled. What are you thinking ? The smile means something is happening. My question is answered, as he flips me. He remains in my legs, my stomach is now against the bed. Matt is spreading her ass cheeks. I can not believe that is where I suspect. He put his in the language, butT -hole, probing my most sacred and private. Start shaking and trembling all over. I wonder if this is the type of I have a feeling many women feel in the past. Never mind that only Please do not let this end! I have heard, Matt spit in my butt crack, then again and again. "Alex, I need to take a deep breath. It will hurt at first, but you get used to. I promise to go slowly with you. , I do not want just to hit the cock in the ass " Matt I said. God, this man is responsible for this business I like the business is going. It will not be questioned. I know I that dynamic ! N Matt Before I could answer, he pressed his penis against my hole. "Alex, push like you're trying to take a dump," Matt offered. Initially not budge, but then when I pushed it did. Matt 's cock slid as Of course, I was surprised. Gradually they began to go in inch by inch, Matt Models Gallery fills her ass with his cock. Yes, it hurt, but the pain is fading fast. I was so impressed with, the feeling of slipping this guy like me. Once he felt his chest against my back, he stopped. Matt began to lean in me until his lips began kissing my neck. I feel so again. I feel like I never felt before. I do not want to kill her take the cock s of my ass. Yes, it hurts but the pain goes away as Matt had said. " Are you ready, Alex? I prepare for a trip that n as never been to ? I will be kind to you, I promise, " Matt assured me again that he is. told me to go, things like leaves no doubt that was the execution of this program. Matt slowly began to move his cock in my ass. Like its tail is about fully come, puts it back on so gradually pulling out Gradually speed until Matt got into a rhythm. I can not begin to explain how this feeling. I never thought I wants a cock in the ass. Boy am I wrong with that ! I love every minute of his penis slides up and down, and Ober of Models Gallery my ass. I do not know what how perfectly true, but whatever it is, makes me crazy and sending shock waves, although my body and my mind! My dick is so damn hard to fear that the move in the bed to go to. With all these feelings I know it's not a lot to me cum n. I love the way Matt and I feel at this time. I love it from within me so much, I start to moan. At first very low, but fuck me, I begin to moan louder. Now there's a thought... I'm screwed ! It is not really the concept is still foreign to what I once thought about myself in relation to sex. "Please stop whining Alex man, or we will be caught. Insert your T o underwear in his mouth, but stop moaning so loud! " Said Matt back into command mode. I began to feel the bottom of the shirt. I do not know if I've found means, but I put the shirt in my mouth. I know that will not stop moan. Models Gallery In fact, I think you can also get stronger. Matt should have told crazy right now. not take him long to realize what I was afraid of happening. There s no way I'll take much longer. I want Matt out of me. No s that do not feel well, just the opposite. I n some, how to get my hand about Matt and I moved so much. Somehow I always end up in the back of Matt, and he in me. As in the world I did not know. I just hope they do not hurt Matt in a. By the look on his face that I did not. I lifted her legs over Models Gallery my shoulder and started on Models Gallery site at the rear to give Matt him as good as I had. As I did, Matt began to moan. I spat several times in the hole to lubricate Matt. I looked at my Dick. See all leaking pre-cum it knww I do not need no lubrication. As Matt has done for me, I began to slowly push his cock in the him. I feel my penis through the hole open and inviting my cock like n pushed down, as he told me to do. He is that kind of shit Tight as hell. I have never felt so damn near every hole. I heard not only to be certainly not hurt Matt, but help me. When I enter at any time I'll explode before the start of the opportunity to have condemned to hell Mat. When I rested I notice the big smile on Matt 's face. Although her ​​eyes n closed. He is smiling from ear to ear now. I am very happy that he enjoyed that. I know I am. I must admit I liked him from me. Models Gallery Once I stopped my breath, I continued to move in. As I got completely in, I did what Matt has done to me and kiss. I loved when n to me, as he kissed her. I want revenge, and I hope he feels the way it Models Gallery made ​​me feel. slowly moved my way out of Matt's tight ass. Like my head begins to Peek, I turn back toward the back of my departure deep n Matt. Gradually, I started getting faster. In my pants and underwear is still on my ankle, I'm starting to hit harder and F Matt 's assmore. Matt put on a shirt that had to moisten the mouth of his moans. that feel what I felt. I met him in the same place as he hit me Every time you beat his cock in my gut. I have to figure out what the hell we come to what takes us so fucking crazy! I can not keep it any longer. I crossed the summit and I know I I will not rest to hit my peak now stop. I'm too far to be able to stop the damned. " Oh, Matt, has a great ass. I have Models Gallery no words to explain how they are and made ​​me feel. You are a great friend, you're amazing. I am delighted with cum Matt , I am... " at that point I started to fire Matt 's ass, and opened the door. I looked above the entrance and see Carlos standing there. I just included the the door when he went Oh, Carlos does not entirely happy. " What the bloody hell man, why in the world who are hell of mate Alex is, what the fuck man ? " Even before could answer, he went to Carlos ARound. I pulled my dick ass Matt, because it really started to cum too. I started Run N after Charles at the same time trying to get my pants. I began to cry of Carlos stop. "Stopping Carlos I can explain to people,to " I have no idea what to say. I only know that has to come fast with him. When I left the room, finally pulled my pants above. Carlos stopped and turned, facing me. " Carlos man gives me the opportunity to explain what you just go in not what you think at all. Let me... " " What Alex ? I do not understand with your cock in the ass of your roommate ? What is not fucking her roommate ? 's what I say? I see it, then Alex? When I went there were, cursed be the male roommate. " " Carlos damn voice down. No matter what, damn respect me. what I saw is true, but... " THEN... Description : { Oh, shit ! Alex and Matt caught screwing aRound Carlos. By the looks Carlos is upset. While Alex is going to come out of this thing ? has to come with something to tell Carlos quickly, and should be Carlos also credible. Carlos on the other side was what he there? So far it seems as if alone. Is that Alex ? Did he have a secret crush on Alex, but never told. Models Gallery It's too late, if that's the case. You have the response to this question if you have read this story every time will be published. The answer is in front of you. Can you believe that the father of Alex test shot the kid? If it is Charles, ran to Lockdown. He has not read the letter close enough to see what Alex saw. Alex 's father has no idea that in the year n information. Now is a fishing expedition for information. And then there's Robert and Steve. Who knew that Steve is gay? We all knew from the first day, it's Robert. He told us his story when asked of tare saved by what was confinement in the County. He was captured in the search another inmate. That's a no, no, in the county or jail. I really hope that this two make a good couple. This is the time that Robert gets a little good in his life. There is not Alex's father was. It was in this chapter, but will Models Gallery not go. Yes, the governor sent the National Guard to regain control of the prison, but that does not Alex's father can not help things work. Do you have collected, which is the Governor? If you can not say that the three My stories are intertwined. You will see the actions of characters in all stories in the other stories. So if you only read such circumstances, you have to " Shadow of My Father" and " Models Gallery Jacob reading because it is Way". There are things in these stories are not going to do to name in this and so does the other. So many open spaces to open new properties ! Finally we have a sex the scene in Models Gallery this story. ItThe Models Gallery time I got it. Do not miss the next chapter is not going to regret it. The answer to what Carlos is doing will be there. Alex 's father, Mr. Henderson, Director of Jackson, Bobby, Samuel, and so opens upon us to in the following chapters to come. The earth and earth opened up and some come to an end as well. I will not say much more to come and spoil the next chapters, so I will not. But be warned ! Do not skip a chapter, or you are lost. It has been so much response in the chapters. But reading the chapters future, and enjoy! Please email me (and me too! ED) and left me n I know how ( somos.. ED) jacobmillertex'm with aol. com do, thanks! } EDITOR'S CORNER : I... I am after all the excitement in this clean the chapter! Ugh ! Well, Jacob is not much in the way of the sex scenes, , but if it happens, is good and right ! Way to go, Models Gallery Jacob ! Not much I can say about the substance after the synopsis of Jacob ! What you need to shame MONTH Carloss to "now", Alex and Matt. The two wasted no time rounding the bases. There was only for Homer You must be very deeply in love to go away so easily, as did wait for the first time a second... This was the first time Matt crowned ? I guess it's because I knew that before winning coach Alex, but now I wonder if he had been crowned before. Hmmm... There is no other question I have in mind, insignificant. Henderson knew exactly what n is not done with Carlos and his girlfriend. If they could do now about Alex and Matt, held in the intimate details ? have both hot Models Gallery water, if that's the case. No Carlos, Alex about monitoring ? I hope Alex and Matt in a position to take things forward. Matt helps Alex " be well " in his mind and actions. Ahhhh... the power of love. Until next time, " Daddy " by Rick
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